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Utah Vacation Rentals—Homes

Browse vacation homes for families and large groups

At Zion Stays, we understand the allure of this enchanting realm. That's why we offer a diverse array of vacation homes strategically located around Southern Utah and within reach of every local national park. Whether you seek the tranquil charm of Kanab, the rugged allure of Escalante, the quaint beauty of Orderville, the serene embrace of Mt. Carmel, the laid-back vibe of Glendale, or the border-town allure of Fredonia, our homes are poised to be your perfect basecamp for exploration.

Why Choose Zion Stays Utah Vacation Rentals?

Zion Stays stands tall among the giants of vacation rental companies in Southern Utah, a testament to its enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to impeccable service. With a track record etched in guest satisfaction and memorable stays, our history speaks volumes.

Curated Excellence

Our unique selection process, meticulously tailored to ensure an extensive array of homes near all the Southern Utah National Parks and monuments, sets Zion Stays apart. Each home is handpicked, not just for its aesthetic appeal but for its ability to wrap our guests in a fully immersive experience amid these iconic locations.

Immersive Experience, Unrivaled Convenience

Our goal at Zion Stays is simple yet profound: to provide unrivaled convenience. By strategically situating our properties, travelers unlock the ability to maximize every moment amidst the splendor of Southern Utah's natural wonders. Say goodbye to lengthy commutes and hello to more time basking in nature or embarking on thrilling adventures.

Quality That Sets the Standard

Recognizing the scarcity of quality accommodations near Zion, Zion Stays took it upon ourselves to redefine the standard. Every Zion Stays property is more than just a place to rest–it's a sanctuary equipped and maintained with the highest quality standards. You will appreciate the comfort and luxury each home offers, knowing that every detail has been crafted with your satisfaction in mind.

Perfect for Your Pack

Whether you're a large family seeking a communal haven or a small family yearning for a cozy retreat, Zion Stays beckons. Our Utah vacation rentals cater to diverse needs, ensuring that every member of your family finds solace and delight within our carefully curated spaces.

Zion Stays’ Vacation Rental Amenities

Choosing one of our Utah vacation rentals isn't just about finding a place to lay your head—it's about fully immersing yourself in the essence of Southern Utah. At Zion Stays, we pride ourselves on offering a suite of amenities that elevate your stay, ensuring you experience the true spirit of this awe-inspiring region

Thoughtfully Crafted Comforts

You'll find convenience and comfort at your fingertips from the moment you arrive. Our Utah vacation rentals come with a range of amenities designed to enhance your stay, including:


  • Free parking

  • Air conditioning and heating

  • Indoor fireplaces

  • Wireless internet

  • Fully-stocked kitchens

  • Washer and dryers

  • Garden and backyard areas

  • BBQ grills

  • Complimentary coffee

  • Hot tubs and pools

  • Pet-friendliness


Unwind, Explore, Repeat

Whether you're seeking the thrill of hiking through breathtaking landscapes or simply yearning for a tranquil retreat, our amenities cater to every facet of your stay. Picture yourself sipping coffee in the backyard, as the dog and kids run around, and the sunrise paints the sky—these moments await you at Zion Stays.

Reviews for Zion Stays Utah Vacation Rentals

Zion Stays stands head and shoulders above the competition, boasting a wealth of experience and an innate understanding of what makes a stay truly exceptional. With deep-rooted local expertise and a legacy of providing unforgettable experiences, Zion Stays redefines Southern Utah's hospitality.


What truly sets Zion Stays apart is our commitment to offering the highest quality accommodations and leveraging our local expertise to curate an experience tailored to your desires. Our guests rave about not just the homes but the personalized recommendations and insights we provide, unlocking hidden gems and crafting the ultimate trip to Southern Utah.

Reviews sing praises of Zion Stays for a reason. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your adventure in Southern Utah exceeds every expectation. Our Utah vacation rentals serve as the foundation, but our dedication to your satisfaction truly sets us apart. See for yourself why we're hailed as the premier choice for vacation rentals in Zion.


Rent a Zion Stays Home

Zion Stays isn't just a vacation rental company; it's a wealth of local expertise, glowing Google reviews, and accommodations designed with care, Zion Stays ensures every visitor embarks on an unforgettable journey. 


From expert recommendations to thoughtfully curated homes, we pledge to make your stay in Southern Utah an experience etched in your memory forever. 


For more information on our Utah vacation rentals, contact us.

Utah Vacation Rentals - Your Next Adventure

Choosing a Utah vacation rental for your next family vacation offers a unique experience beyond the typical hotel stay. At Zion Stays, all our Utah vacation rentals are located in Southern Utah and near Zion National Park–a beacon for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts worldwide. Choosing a Utah vacation rental amidst this natural wonderland unlocks an unparalleled experience, offering more than just a place to stay—it's an invitation to immerse you and your family in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


Southern Utah and Zion aren’t just destinations; they’re an expedition through breathtaking landscapes, where towering red cliffs and serene canyons paint an awe-inspiring panorama. People flock to Utah for this one reason: the unparalleled scenic views that feel straight out of a postcard.


But it's not just about the views—the promise of adventure draws explorers from all corners of the globe. From exhilarating hikes to heart-pounding rappelling experiences, guided tours revealing hidden gems, or the serene beauty of horseback rides, Utah embodies a playground for thrill-seekers and serenity chasers alike.


Modern gray stone house with a two car garage, and gravel front yard sitting against a red rock plateau backdrop
Four household games at Zion Stays' Utah vacation rentals including darts, a cupboard full of board games, cricket, and yard dice
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